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Construction disputes may arise between a contractor and a property owner, and resolving the dispute may be laid out in the contract. If not, there are situations where a construction dispute requires legal action.

Whether you are the contractor or the property owner, both parties are expected to follow the contract and adhere to deadlines. Here are some common construction disputes that may need to be sorted out in court:

  • Delays: It is very common to construction projects to be held up due to a variety of circumstances (unexpected weather problems or other disaster, labor problems, owner changing the design or project, unforeseeable causes), but the owner has to determine if he or she can recover from the delay and if it was avoidable.
  • Acceleration: The owner pushes the contractor to finish the project ahead of schedule, which may require additional cost for labor and materials.
  • Constructive acceleration: If the owner does not allow an extension for an excusable delay, the contractor may recover the expenses due to the delay. However, the contractor is then required to accelerate the project to meet the deadline.
  • Mechanic’s liens: If a property owner refuses to pay for a contractor’s work or materials, a contractor can begin court proceeding to enforce that lien.

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