What Tenants and Landlords Should Know

Knowing the law is vital to a functional relationship between landlords and tenants. There are an abundance of state laws related to rent, deposits, repairs and leases for both commercial and residential properties. A landlord/tenant attorney can help iron out any legal disagreements in a rental dispute.

For tenants, it is important to know what a landlord is required to disclose. The following apply:

  • Utilities – If a tenant pays part of a master-metered utility, the landlord must provide a written copy of how funds will be distributed among the tenants
  • Rent concessions – Rent concessions must be outlined in the lease and contain the amount and extent of the concession, along with the clearly-printed words “Concession Granted.”
  • Radon – Landlords do not have to test for radon, but if they choose to test and learn of a radon hazard, they are required to disclose that information to current and potential tenants.

There are several other Arizona laws to consider as a landlord or a tenant. These include:

  • Protections for tenants against a landlord retaliation if, for example, a tenant complains about hazardous living conditions
  • Proper procedures for handling property abandoned by tenants
  • Fair housing rights
  • Protections for domestic violence victims who are tenants
  • Sufficient notice for rent raises
  • Adherence to termination and eviction rules, including giving enough notice for tenants to vacate the property prior to eviction
  • Local ordinances such as antidiscrimination rules, noise and nuisance controls and health and safety standards

How We Can Help

With so many laws and regulations to consider, working with a trusted attorney is a valuable resource for any tenant or landlord facing a legal battle or looking for guidance.

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