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The trend of buying and selling homes by owner is one that many people in East Scottsdale and around the country find attractive. They believe it allows them to save a great deal of money that would go to pay the services of an attorney for real estate law in East Scottsdale, AZ. While this is true to a certain extent, conducting business in the home market can often present problems that only a professional is prepared and trained to handle.

Real Estate Law in East Scottsdale, AZ for Buyers

Kepple Law is your attorney for whatever problems you are unable to handle for real estate law in East Scottsdale, AZ. Buyers often run into problems, and to solve these problems they require experienced help. A real estate attorney like those at Kepple Law can help buyers successfully handle such complex real estate issues as:

  1. A buyer trying to purchase property long distance
  2. If a buyer buys a home that has structural faults
  3. When a client purchases a home in an unhealthy or unsecured environment
  4. A client wishes to invest in commercial property
  5. The buyer purchases a home classified as a “short sale” by the bank
  6. A client buys a home that was part of an estate sale

Real Estate Law in East Scottsdale, AZ for Sellers

Homeowners looking to sell property in East Scottsdale may face an entirely different set of problems than those looking to purchase homes. Attorneys can be helpful in these situations as well, taking care of issues like:

  1. Property being sold in a state of disrepair or distress
  2. The co-owner of your property is causing difficulties with the sale
  3. The seller has problems because of prior liens or judgments
  4. The seller is trying to sell property that was left to them in a will
  5. There are other problems or issues with the property that the seller is unaware of

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If, for any reason, a buyer or seller of a home is experiencing legal or other difficulties, it is recommended that he or she contact Kepple Law, their local attorney for real estate law in East Scottsdale, AZ. Kepple Law has experience across Arizona in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe as well as East Scottsdale. For a real estate attorney with experience and intimate knowledge of Arizona’ real estate laws, contact Kepple Law Group, LLC  at 309-282-1545 today.

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