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“The Kepple Law Group did an exceptional job in representing my interests in a Real Estate transaction dispute. We received full compensation for damages as well as all costs and attorneys fees.  Thank you Casey!”

~Pete C.

“I purchased a commercial property which had an existing tenant with a five-year lease. The tenant tried to get out of the lease stating it was a month to month lease and vacated the premises. The Kepple Law Group sued and challenged the tenant’s interpretation of the lease, arguing that it was a five year lease and the tenant owed the remaining amounts of rent. We won on a summary judgment motion prior to trial.”

~Charles J.

“We were moving from Central Arizona to South Carolina and were in extreme financial hardship and needed a fresh start. The Kepple Law Group guided us through a chapter 7 bankruptcy which was filed in Central Arizona, even though we were now residents of South Carolina. We were able to get through the complicated jurisdictional and bankruptcy exemption issues created by the move to South Carolina and achieved the full discharge of our debts and we got the fresh start we were hoping for. Thank you.”

~Jeff and Amanda Z.

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