Filing for a personal bankruptcy was not on your agenda when the year began. Unfortunately, it’s become apparent that you need to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer in the Central, Arizona area as soon as possible. What has led to the need to seek bankruptcy protection? If you’re like most people, one of the following has made this choice one that you had to make.

A Job Loss

It’s not unusual for clients to seek out the Kepple Law Group because their formerly stable sources of income no longer exist. It could be because an employer downsized and eliminated the client’s position. Maybe the company shut down completely. With either scenario, finding something that will completely replace the lost income will be difficult in today’s economy. COVID-19 has changed the landscape for many employers and employees.

Even with another job that brings in less, there may not be enough to cover all the outstanding debts. If that’s the case, considering bankruptcy may be the only real option.

Crushing Medical Debt

Extended illnesses have a way of exhausting savings and other financial resources. Even with health insurance, the amount that’s left after the claims are paid can be significant. When the money’s gone and there are still more medical bills to face, what can be done? In some instances, the only real alternative is to talk with a bankruptcy lawyer and arrange to file for a Chapter 7. Hopefully, getting rid of those pressing debts will make it easier to manage whatever type of obligation emerges in the future.


Going through a divorce is financially devastating as well as taking an emotional toll. The debt that’s acquired during the process, as well as obligations that are inherited from the union, can be more than the client can handle. In these situations, seeking the advice of a personal bankruptcy lawyer is the only real way to bring some sort of order to the chaos. In the best-case scenario, the debt can all be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, even if it means having to turn over some asset to the trustee.

Personal Injury That Leads to Disability

Fighting a personal injury suit takes money. Things are even worse when the injury is severe enough to make working impossible. It takes time to get disability benefits going and that means additional stress on any financial resources that are left. Many people find that they run out of cash long before the suit is over and their disability benefits kick in.

In the interim, there are creditors who want payment now. They’re willing to file suit in order to get it. With more legal actions pending, filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and placing yourself under the protection of the court makes sense. You may even find that all or most of the personal injury settlement that you ultimately receive will not impact your bankruptcy at all. A bankruptcy lawyer can tell you what to expect on that front.

If you think that filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona would help you regain a solid financial foundation, now is the time to call the Kepple Law Group and schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Doing so could be the first step in putting the financial woes in the past and being able to look at the future with a degree of hope.