Ease the Pain of Debt with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ

If buried in mountains of debt, it may seem your only way out is through declaring bankruptcy. However, now’s not the time to give up all hope. With professional legal advice from a bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsdale AZ, you can figure out the next best steps and plan a way forward. Thankfully, Kepple Law Group has the experience you need with bankruptcy law.

Kepple Law Group is a law firm practicing out of Arizona and Arizona. We have handled all variety of cases, and have represented clients in the top courts of the states we operate in. Whether you’re an individual looking to overcome your debt or a business trying to compensate for a financial downturn, our team of attorneys can help.

What We Do

As experienced professionals in bankruptcy law, we wish to advocate for your best interests. We never force you into a decision that is uncomfortable for you, and always look at the best alternatives before pushing ahead.

  • We Don’t Always Settle on Bankruptcy
    What our attorneys typically tend to find is that bankruptcy is the last possible option for any individual or business. If there is a way to improve your financial situation without declaring bankruptcy, we help you find it. Some alternatives include debt counseling or negotiating with your creditors.
  • We Determine What’s Best
    If bankruptcy is the only option, our attorneys help decide what filing will work best for you. For example, chapter 7 can eliminate most personal loans, medical payments and credit card debt. Conversely, chapter 13 helps you pay off a portion of your debt if it’s tied up in student loans or real estate.
  • We Complete the Proper Steps
    Bankruptcy can be a pain for anyone. For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to learn the ins and outs of near every bankruptcy filing. We leave no stone unturned if you declare bankruptcy. Our lawyers help you prepare all the proper documents, gather financial statements, value your property and take any other necessary steps.

Here for Your Other Legal Needs

If a bankruptcy lawyer for Scottsdale AZ isn’t something you’re looking for, there’s no reason to fret. Kepple Law Group specializes in multiple areas of law to assist you with your other legal needs. For example, our practice areas include:

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