When running a business, you need to hire two professionals early on: a lawyer and an accountant. The reasons to hire an accountant are quite clear. The reasons to hire a business attorney, however, may not be. A competent business lawyer in East Scottsdale, AZ will provide unrivaled assistance in all aspects of your business, from zoning compliance to trademark, incorporation to lawsuits. The benefits of having an attorney are nearly limitless.

Business Formation

Forming a new business, like beginning any new venture, is a critical moment in anyone’s life. When handled in the correct manner, a carefully laid out plan will set a business on the road to success. To accomplish such a feat, however, most new entrepreneurs require a little bit of assistance. A business law firm is a valuable investment during this period of expansion and growth.

Business Law

With a proven track record for getting the job done right, a business lawyer in East Scottsdale, AZ from Kepple Law Group, LLC has the best approach to produce results for each and every client we work with. We litigate all business-related cases, ensuring the best possible resolution is achieved with your interests in mind.

Our business law covers various legal areas, such as…

One of our experienced attorneys can assist you and your newly formed business each step of the way. When running your business, a few milestones or legal concerns alike can come up. Your professional business attorney can help with…

  • Business formation
  • Privacy policies
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Collecting overdue accounts
  • Creating client agreements
  • Developing exit strategies
  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Intellectual property protection – This includes business name, logo, and brand. Certain businesses qualify for copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

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