The term civil litigation refers to a legal dispute of some nature between two or more parties seeking monetary damages instead of criminal sanctions under the law. A civil litigation lawyer in Phoenix, AZ is often referred to as a litigator or trial lawyer. The experienced team of attorneys at Kepple Law Group practice civil litigation and have defended countless clients throughout various legal proceedings – both in and out of court.

Civil Litigation Lawyer Serving Phoenix, AZ

As the premier civil litigation lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, Kepple Law Group focuses on a wide variety of civil litigation matters. These cases include environmental law, housing law, product liability, intellectual property, and labor and employment disputes. No matter what the issue, our trained attorneys would be happy to represent you under the law.

Our day-to-day activities include interviewing clients, conducting initial investigations, drafting complaints, conducting and defending depositions, and drafting motions and memoranda of law. All of this work keeps us quite busy, but our attention to detail means that we are known for delivering a job well done.

When Do I Need a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

If you are considering filing any lawsuit, you may want to consult some form of a litigation lawyer. As legal professionals, the attorneys at Kepple Law Group understand which cases are going to be successful. By remaining familiar with procedures, steps, and the necessary legal documents, we can build up our cases steadily and with confidence.

If you should you have to file the lawsuit, be prepared for a long, complicated process. This, however, is where our expertise comes into play. Whether you’re suffering from a dispute with a neighbor or have perhaps experienced a personal injury, our attorneys are here for you!

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