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As you begin or continue the process of buying or selling a home in Tempe, AZ, several questions may arise. When this happens, one viable option is to hire a real estate attorney to help you manage the details of your transaction.

State and local real estate law contain a multitude of complexities. To ensure you receive the best legal advice, seek out an attorney that has trained and practiced extensively in matters relating to the purchase and sale of homes. Kepple Law has worked with clients for several years to generate desirable results for the buyer, seller, real estate agent, and other parties.

When Does a Tempe Homebuyer Need to Contact a Real Estate Attorney?

Although real estate agents are trained to handle many routine legal questions regarding a home purchase, some situations fall outside the scope of a Realtor’s expertise. When circumstances threaten your ability to close on the house of your dreams, Kepple Law can help.

A real estate attorney can help you resolve a variety of complexities, including:

  • Shopping for homes from a remote location.
  • Purchasing bank-owned properties or “short sales.”
  • Obtaining property included in an estate sale.
  • Buying commercial properties.
  • Purchasing homes that may have structural problems.
  • Closing on properties located in areas that present heightened health risks.

Signs a Seller Needs a Real Estate Attorney

If you know of any issues that may impact your ability to sell your home, a Tempe real estate attorney can help you resolve them quickly and ethically.

Consider contacting a professional to assist you with a variety of complications, such as:

  1. Real estate in conditions of distress
  2. Bequeathed properties from deceased owners
  3. Selling a home with an uncooperative partner
  4. Having liens or judgments on your record
  5. Other concerns or doubts you have about the possibility of a successful sale

Consult an Attorney to Facilitate Tempe, AZ Home Sales

Kepple Law has worked in the Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and East Scottsdale, AZ communities for years to help clients achieve their goals of buying or selling a property. Our specialized training in Arizona and local real estate laws makes us the law firm of choice when time and expertise are of the essence.

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